Overcrowding Loneliness

Shedding tears in a laughter
Experiencing vertigo while breathing 
All alone in a hustle and bustle environment
Feeling tired in a crowd

A summer that is trembling cold
The scent of overcrowding loneliness

And I am reminiscing
To catch the lost you in my grasp

The missing chapter
is the only thing that fills the dead air 
Youth has been cut into shards
waltzing in a long long street
The panting of love roars like a thunder
I walk away

Perhaps I should say goodbye
Perhaps this is the most beautiful

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或許 我該道別
或許 如此最美




The persimmon has been robbed of its red dowry
Yesterday's ranch is all that's left
Butterflies are nowhere in sight

One can no longer see the tails of the ripples
Because they have been brought to heaven
Butterflies are nowhere in sight

Now looking at the horizon
Flying this way are murders and murders of
Crows Crows Crows Crows 

There's sunlight
There's still sunlight
There's sunlight
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烏鴉 烏鴉 烏鴉 烏鴉

有陽光 還有陽光 有陽光



Blossom and Wither

Each time one inhales and exhales
Each time the eyes blink
The time of our lives disappears without a trace
The very heartbeat at birth
Listen to it carefully on deathbed
Suddenly it arrives, in cries
Suddenly it returns, when nobody laughs

Hours tick-tock away
Childhood turns swiftly into adulthood
subject to the oppression of each second
When one tries to recollect every bit and piece
Turning back, the colour of cradle has faded away in silence
Suddenly it arrives, nobody cares
Suddenly it returns, without a break

The moon has different phases, bound in a relentless cycle
The success and vanity in our grasp, will evaporate without warning
How can flowers break free from blossoming and withering
Flourished, worn out, the process

The colours of spring and fall, aren’t enough to satisfy
In hindsight, on a path of prosperity, where to set foot
Each and every recital
however mesmerizing, will come to an end
Suddenly it arrives, yet the entire life
Suddenly it returns, as if lodging

一呼一吸 一眨眼睛
年華如同流雲 化作泡影
驟爾來 在哭聲
驟爾回 沒笑聲

童年俄而成年 秒秒壓逼
回頭原來搖籃 悄悄褪色
驟爾來 沒珍惜
驟爾回 未歇息

月有虧盈陰晴 輪遞不停
換到功名虛榮 轉眼如幻影
明艷過 磨蝕了 過程

一呼一吸 一眨眼睛
年華如同流雲 化作泡影
驟爾來 在哭聲
驟爾回 沒笑聲

春光秋色 不堪滿足
回頭沿途繁華 哪裡駐足
驟爾來 但一生
驟爾回 像借宿

月有虧盈陰晴 輪遞不停
換到功名虛榮 轉眼如幻影
明艷過 磨蝕了 過程



so what happens now

so what happens now
L.A. Reid, Babyface, D. Simmons
lyrics: Lin Xi
arrangement: Terry Chan

what makes night and day reverse in colour
what makes our memories fade away beyond recognition
the greater the turbulence our relationship suffers, the more we don't know who has caused a greater erosion
how much I need you, yet I have never cherished
passion, it has completely burnt out
turning back after indulgence, it is clear that we can never go back
heaven and earth, suddenly impart no warmth
this world no longer allows two hearts to fall in love like a burning flame

in the past we pursued bitterly, and yet we've come to this point
we love so uninhibitedly, yet it no longer can continue under this vast horizon
in the past we only knew how to enjoy, and we've suffered from our own doing
the past has determined the future, it's clear that we can never go back
how can we go back

perhaps we can no longer breathe in each other like we used to
perhaps you and I never play our roles with all we have
in the past we mistook the fact that after romance, it would be a long lasting life
we only knew how to stake claims, but never knew how to cherish
passion, it is like a new sheet of paper
once has it been stepped on, it can never turn back to its original colour
heaven and earth, they can feel tired like our emotions
this world no longer allows
two hearts to fall in love like a burning flame

initially it was as natural as the wind, flowers, and snow
since when did our embraces and kisses become as if they were contaminated
what makes our visions become clouded by thick smokes
and we can no longer see clearly our yesterdays

we want it badly but always out of reach
how come we have embarked on the path of no return
heaven knows it's getting late
our love is exhausted
suddenly we have learned that the more we can keep each other at bay the better

translation: memories.blossom@gmail.com

曲: L.A. Reid, Babyface, D. Simmons
詞: 林夕
編曲: 陳明道

甚麼使黑夜白日顛倒一一變色 ?
為什麼你我漸認不出當初記憶 ?
彼此關係越劇烈震盪, 越被誰侵蝕
多麼需要你, 偏沒法珍惜 !
感情原來全消耗盡 !
放任以後回頭才知努力也沒法還原 !
天地像突然地不再熱暖 !

當初辛辛苦苦追逐, 到了這地步卻結局 !
愛到這樣盡情為何天大地大仍難繼續 ?
當初只知相戀享受, 到了這日自作自受 !
過去註定未來原來不能回頭怎能回頭 !?

或者不可像舊日呼吸彼此氣息 !
或者你我未盡力演好彼此角色 !
只懂得佔有偏沒有珍惜 !
踐踏以後從前顏色永遠沒法還原 !
這世界逐漸難容火一般的心熱戀 !

你共我在何時連擁吻都似沾上污點 !
甚麼使彼此眼光似隔了污煙 ?
再也沒法還原清清楚楚的昨天 !

想得到卻想不到 ! 怎麼會同踏上不歸路 ?!
天知道時候已不早 ! 情感虛耗
方知道原來是越淡薄越是淡薄越是好 !


begin again

begin again
music: Clarence Hui
lyrics: Lin Xi
arrangement: Chiu Tsang Hei

let's live without a name effective today
let's follow our emotions to do silly things
I no longer have any courage to know
what's in store for me
let's not think about anything from now on

let's use an excuse saying it is not meant to be
let's forget about time and year
the one whom I love the most
is not in love with me
let's just look for a one night stand

in fact I am too tired to ask
when my dreams will come true
it's my fault, I shouldn't have waited repeatedly

is life about waiting from dusk to dawn
I am too afraid, my future is just the same
is life about finding a direction
who has the same soul worthy to share with me
(perhaps beginning again, I can discover......who understands)

translation: memories.blossom@gmail.com

曲: 許願
詞: 林夕
編曲: 趙增熹

不如從今天起沒名字 !
不如隨著情緒作傻事 !
不如從此不想任何事 !

不如隨便推搪沒緣份 !
不如忘掉時間或年份 !
愛著的不是我 !
不如隨便找一夜情人 !

是我錯了 ! 錯在一等再等 !

生命是否是天黑等到天亮 ?
我卻太害怕 以後亦是同樣 !
生命是否必需找一個方向 ?
誰擁有同樣的心靈值得我分享 ?


begin again - turning over a new leaf

Begin again was a deliberate change of direction. Without a shadow of doubt, Stardust Factory produced a high quality project, yet without tying all the tracks with a clear and coherent concept. Since 1987, Sandy and her team began producing concept albums, which had proven to be successful and groundbreaking. Six years passed and perhaps it was time to try something "new". To many fans, this was a change that required some adjustments.


producers: Clarence Hui (1-9,11), Chi Tsang-hei (1-7,9,11), Jonathan Lee (8,10), Sandy Lam (8)
co-producer: Wong Wai-lin (4)

image & art direction: Stardust Factory
photography & art direction: Justin Chan
assistant art director: Brenda Yu
wardrobe: Sandy Lam
hair stylist: Gina Lau (The Hair Shop, Singapore)
make up: Sandy Lam, Julie
graphic designer: Dominic Chan
graphics production: Stardust Factory


promise of a better tomorrow

promise of a better tomorrow
music: Sandy Lam / Anthony Lun
lyrics: 周耀輝
arrangement: Alex De La Cruz

scattered all over the world, how accustomed to rootlessness and tears
who actually cares for whom
but don't you know, I have heard from your heart
your calls that transcended vast distances
in a sea of people, you and I may be afraid
being in the same boat, there is I on the journey who will cherish you

never desert you, even if we are miles apart
we are still together
never forget, let's always keep in mind
the never dying promise
of sailing through tomorrow together
and creating a better future

you are lying in darkness, and perhaps will never expect, anyone to understand
the trembling heart in the wind
but don't you know, but can't you hear, from my heart
I have been gently echoing to you

never desert you, even if we are miles apart
we are still together
never forget, let's always keep in mind
the never dying promise
regardless of place and time

never desert, I'll give you, a beautiful heart
never forget, let time be the witness
the never dying promise
of sailing through tomorrow together
and creating a better future

translation: memories.blossom@gmail.com

曲: 倫永亮, 林憶蓮
詞: 周耀輝
編曲: Alex De La Cruz

散於天邊海角 習慣多少漂泊 和眼淚
但你知不知道 是我已經聽到 從你心

茫茫人海中 你也許驚惶
同浮沉顛簸 途中有我 珍惜愛你
不捨不棄 縱分千里 也是一起 莫失莫忘
讓我們念記 不死的諾言
同渡明天 闖開新景致

躺於漆黑的你 也許不敢希冀 誰領會
但你知不知道 但你聽不聽道 從我心

茫茫人海中 你也許驚惶
同浮沉顛簸 途中有我 珍惜愛你
不捨不棄 縱分千里 也是一起 莫失莫忘
讓我們念記 不死的諾言
何地何天 !
不捨不棄 我交給你 美麗的心 莫失莫忘
讓歲月做證 不死的諾言
同渡明天 闖開新景致 !